Aikido for kids


Classes are held in various districts of the city of Vilnius. Groups of various ages are formed. It is possible to train 2 or 3 times a week. There is also an opportunity for children and parents to train together. Attending classes at Aidas Aikido school, there is a possibility to receive the compensation of NVŠ paid by the municipality.


The classes are conducted by instructors who themselves regularly practice Aikido, who have a lot of experience in organizing and conducting Aikido camps, seminars and demonstrations. The qualifications of the school’s instructors are approved by the Department of Physical Culture and Sports.


It is always important to find the right activity and teacher that children can trust. Come to a trial session and take part in a free introductory training session. The instructors will tell you about Aikido training and answer your questions.


Prices for classes vary slightly in different dojos. After expanding the class schedule of a specific dojo, you will find the listed monthly subscription prices. The children’s education program of the Aikido school “Aidas” is an accredited non-formal children’s education program, and those who attend Aikido classes here are given an NVŠ student basket.