About us

Aikido school “Aidas” started its activities in 2006. The goal is to create the right atmosphere and favorable conditions for those who want to practice Aikido and get to know this martial art. The school was founded by a group of enthusiasts who have been practicing Aikido since 1998, and currently training in groups of children, youth and adults is conducted by experienced teachers and instructors of the association. Aidas Aikido School practices the Aikikai branch of Aikido centered in Tokyo, Japan. It is currently headed by Doshu Moriteru Uesiba. “Aido” members annually participate in international Aikido seminars in Lithuania and abroad, as well as in various demonstrations and festivals.

Our credo: “Formation of a completely harmonious personality through intensive and deep assimilation of the technical arsenal of Aikido, fostering a benevolent atmosphere and respect for the partner”.

*Many years of experience and professionalism
*Highest qualification of instructors
*Halls in convenient locations in the city
*Separate groups for children, youth and adults
*The possibility for parents and children to train at the same time in one hall
*Flexible training schedule
*Annual international seminars and certifications
*Traditional summer and day camps in nature
*Training with weapons

The training methodology and certification system of the Aidas School of Aikido is officially recognized by the World Aikido Center, Hombu doji, Tokyo, Japan
The qualifications of the instructors of the Aikido school “Aidas” are approved by the Department of Physical Culture and Sports under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania
Aikido school “Aidas” children’s education program is an accredited non-formal children’s education program, and those who attend Aikido classes here are given an NVŠ student basket