The Dojo
Aikido Aikikai dojo „Aidas“ was established in July, 2007. The main goal was to create proper conditions to improve and practice Aikido martial art. The base of the school was a group of enthusiasts who have been practicing Aikido since 1998. Currently, Aikido practices are held by competitive instructors . We practice Aikido stream which is called Aikikai. Its headquarters (Hombu Dojo) is located in Tokyo, Japan. Doshu Moriteru Uesiba is the leader of the headquarters. Our school members constantly participate in international Aikido seminars worldwide. In 2013, our activity and certification system was officially approved by Worldwide Aikido Center, Hombu Dojo. Aikido Aikikai dojo “Aidas” is the only Aikido organization in Lithuania whose instructors’ qualifications are confirmed by department of Physical Education and Sports under the government of the republic of Lithuania.

Duties of members of Aikido Aikikai school “Aidas”:

  • Respect Aikido founder MoriheiUeshiba and his teachings in the form that your instructor provides.
  • Maintain peaceful and harmonious atmosphere without forgetting that technical skills are not the final goal of Aikido. It is a means to improve your character.
  • Never use Aikido techniques to humiliate other people in or out of the dojo. You must respond for this. Aikidoka is led by the spirit of creation. Therefore it is not allowed to compete and prove your superiority.
  • Keep instructor’s notifications and order. The purpose is to avoid disharmony and provide equal conditions to improve for everyone. All the association members are the one family and collective where responsibility and respect prevails.
  • Money can’t buy pure teaching. Your gratefulness can be expressed only through the hard work and honest participation.