For beginners

How to start learning Aikido?
When you choose where to practice Aikido, it is recommended to participate in the exploratory and cognitive practice. This is how you can meet your instructor, ask questions and watch the behavior of Aikido trainees. The dojo atmosphere, instructor’s personality and methodology of the practice are crucial factors when choosing Aikido club. Aikido is not a temporary hobby. Therefore you should pay some time to evaluate where are you going to spend at least two times a week for three forthcoming years.

Where are Aikido activities held? 
Adult groups are formed at Studentų street 45(Lithuanian university of Educational Sciences) and Antakalnio street 54 . Children and youth groups are formed at any “Aidas” dojo. Schedule

How to sign up your child?
Please call 861618218 or a particular instructor leading the Aikido activities in your chosen dojo. Also you can email us: The contacts.

What outfit to wear? 
For the first month it is allowed to wear a common sport outfit: long pants, T-shirt and slippers. In Aikido there are strict etiquette and behavior rules. Clothing is a very important part. It is necessary to get special Aikido clothes, called keikogi or dogi. Intructor will explain how to tie the belt obi and take care of your outfit. Aikido practice is done barefoot.

Can everybody practice Aikido?
Aikido philosophy and methodology allow children to start the practice at the age of 5 and there is no age limit for adults. But you should not think that Aikido is an easy form of physical education. Primarily Aikido is Budo (the way of the warrior). Therefore Aikido requires concentration, a lot of efforts and energy. Aikido technical repertoire is very wide and practice tempo can be shaped by your abilities. Our school pays a lot of attention to physical preparation for the youth and adults.